Here’s what our patients have to say about our care.

We thought you’d like to hear a few of our patients talk about their experiences at our office. If you’re interested in hearing more, stop by our office and check out our testimonial wall.

“I have not only found a solution to my issues through your Chiropractic care, but my family (who are also under your care) and I have been positively surprised by the warmth and professionalism we encounter through every interaction with a Salus Chiropractic staff member.”

Tim T., Cedar Park

“I had someone ask me if I thought it has been worth the money that I have spent. I first thought it was a trick question, but I could only think of one thing to say. ‘I can’t imagine investing in anything more important than my health.’”

Tripp W., Cedar Park

“Dr. Ditto and Meg made me feel welcome and valued. It turned out Dr. Ditto did have experience working with pregnant, post-natal and even infants. It is very apparent how much passion he has for his work and how committed he is to quality care for the whole family.”

Jessica A., Round Rock

“I had pain and numbness down my right leg that was only relieved with strong muscle relaxants and pain medication… I can truly say, that my low back pain is gone after 4 months of adjustments with Dr. Ditto.”

Marcia H., Round Rock

“I’ve noticed significant changes in my health. My allergies are almost non-existent, the problems with my joints have lessened considerably, and my overall sense of well being is better. He is a wonderful chiropractor and friend.”

Tiffany W., Georgetown

“With Ditto it is all about healing… it has improved my quality of life tremendously. I have gone off all the medication that I was taking for pain. I believe that Chiropractic treatments saved my life and my sanity.”

DiAnne A., Georgetown

“I was suffering from migraines, high blood pressure and a stiff neck/shoulder and he has significantly relieved these problems for me. I was heavily medicated and that did not seem to be working after three years; I now only need occasional Tylenol as needed.”

Marilyn R., Cedar Park

“With their high standard of care and commitment to meeting the individual needs of each patient, Salus Chiropractic has forever changed the way we approach chiropractic care. We plan to keep this a priority in our lives…”

Kristen & Kyle P., Leander

“Any time someone complains of any kind of consistent pain in their body, the first words out of my mouth are ‘let me get you Dr. Ditto’s card, he is amazing!’ I was also able to make it through my first year in Central Texas without experiencing the dreaded ‘cedar fever.’”

Kent P., Cedar Park